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I AM poornima vamsi

I help women who have a BURNING DESIRE to bring their hormonal health on track to come of

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A mum of 2 boys aged 8 and 4, my quest to help myself goes back to half a decade when I was diagnosed with hormonal imbalances leading to Thyroid and Ankylosing Spondylitis. Weighing a whopping 90kgs, I found it hard to do day to day chores forget about playing with kids or going for walks. For a lively and cheerful persona that I had, life seemed absolutely hazy as I saw myself getting into postpartum depression. Deep down in my heart, I knew I had to do something and while you read this – do you also have a feeling running in your heart about your health?

Poornima Vamsi


If you fall under any of the 4 categories mentioned below, you are absolutely at the right place. Book a call with me to walk you through ‘How’ easy it is to free yourself from your current health condition.

Medically Diagnosed Hormonal Imbalance

Are you suffering from Thyroid, PCOD, PCOS, and Diabetes? You are at the right place where you will learn how easy it is to free yourself from dis-ease and come out of medication just like me!

Known Hormonal Imbalance

You are aware that there is something that is not right in your body. You have random mood swings, palpitations, unknown fear, and anxiety about things around you. You no longer have to go through this!.

Unknown Hormonal Imbalance

You aren’t sure if those sweet yet crazy hormones are playing around in your body. Days don’t seem right, nights are hard to fall asleep. If it is you, you are definitely in the right place.

Just Overweight

You are one of the blessed ones with absolutely no medically diagnosed hormonal imbalance but that weighing scale seems to be talking to you in a different language. Are you in this category?


Our unique blend of tackling any health situation has made us

stand apart in the way we work with our clients. We also have.

A proven strategy
A zeal for definite results
An eye for definite results
B’coz we care
We are client centric


While most of us know when we google to find what foods are good for our ‘Hormones’ and why we should be eating them – I, as a coach come into the picture focusing on how these foods when prepared rightly help in accelerating your metabolism thus making the entire process of releasing weight a fun. Like I stated earlier, I absolutely believe in eating staple food while we learn the knick-knacks of balancing hormones


It is important that you have the right mindset while you walk the path that I pave for your DREAM HEALTH and BODY. So, what is the right mind-set? How can you achieve it? STOP thinking and book a call with me while I walk you through the HOW’s !!

Unique Combination

Have you ever thought about this? How would you feel if you were told that you can still eat what you are eating through your journey of Hormone Balance and releasing that excess weight?

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Case Studies


Not having any hormonal imbalance that is medically diagnosed


Diabetes mellitus, commonly known as diabetes


While they both are different in terms of symptoms


Imagine how a butterfly shaped gland can control your entire body function?

It brings such a joy to my heart to help all the women out there!

To support my mission I have come up with a book that can alter your LIFE

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