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Sylvia Nanda Gopal

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Don’t know how to write. I am just typing whatever comes to my mind.

How wonderful!!! the results of my journey in this program are really amazing. Losing words to express my gratitude to Poornima’s team as a whole and of course to my husband who recommended me to this program.

Hormones, the meaning of this word was known but after I felt the symptoms of thyroid, did I know the real meaning of it. Many of us feel that it’s just a hormone. Ask odd questions, make fun of it or take it lite. I was one of them who really took it lite. I am the mother of two kids. When I started identifying the symptoms of thyroid, I was told but it has to be hereditary. None of my family members had it. I was told it’s my weakness. By that time I was pregnant with my second kid. So, automatically the blame was put on symptoms of pregnancy. After a general checkup for pregnancy, I was told that I had a thyroid. My doses were increased every month. After delivery also I had thyroid so continued my tablets. Symptoms never suppressed, hair loss, joint pains, mood swings. Slowly memory loss also started. This lockdown I tried all the ways shown on YouTube, peoples’ advice. My TSH instead of decreasing went to heights 18.2. Tablets weren’t working, my nighttime sleep went for a toss. Literally, every night I was awake the whole night. Obviously, it had a huge impact on my daily routine. Even if I force myself to stay awake in the afternoons deteriorated my health even more mentally and physically. Just imagine for more than 2months I was like this. Mood swings were worsening. Emotional eating, stress eating all happen. None of my dresses in my wardrobe fitted me. Started giving away my dresses. Didn’t want to spend more on dresses. I stopped shopping for myself. Stopped going out, always more a huge nighty all day.

  After all this drama, my husband took things in hand and recommended this program. I immediately agreed after I heard about Poornima. The cost was a concern for me, but then my husband said that’s nothing compared to me being me, again. My kids said we don’t want our mother to have a frown on her face always. My son said that he wants the mother like I used to be earlier. It hurt me a lot to hear my kids and husband say all these. I hated myself for that. Then, I decided to change things. I started to give importance to myself first and then family. I was told if we are fit, that’s when a family as a whole will prosper.

 Poornima really explained every aspect of the thyroid the ways we can manage it and end control it. I was weighing 67kg for more than 1 year. Now, after 60 odd days, I weigh 59.7kg. Eating the right thing at the right time has brought me here. And not to forget the workouts. I am being guided for that too on video, for the correct postures. I am super excited as I can fit into any dress I like. Super energetic to reach my goal of 54kg. I won’t say that I am totally fit and fine now. There are concerns that have been addressed and Poornima is teaching ways to handle them and get rid of them. Mood swings are one such thing. Segment intending early in the morning, energy release meditation, where you can pass through that odd emotion in you just in a few minutes. Night meditation calms you and gives you an awesome sleep. I am able to sleep peacefully the whole night and I thank Poornima every single night while I slip into sleep effortlessly. I say the word effortless because I know the pain while I try for months to sleep at least for a few hours at night.  Poornima is guiding us step by step. Really grateful to her and her team. Awesome job.

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