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How are you? It’s been quite a long time. As you are well aware the new phase in my life had kept me so occupied. Yet, you were always thought of. Although I had taken the 87days program in May due to which I had lost 5 Kilos and my periods had also regularised, am still experiencing the benefits of the program. It’s not just me but my family has also drawn benefits from me being part of the program.

Even after having completed the program, your guidance has brought a behavioral change in our way of Life. We are more conscious eaters and being fit has also improved our overall health. You have made a mindset shift in what we eat, how and the intervals along with the regular focus in making time for exercise. So, each day your diet recipes are part of our meal. And cannot miss the way being able to handle things effectively due to mindset shift  Heartfully Thank you and appreciate the difference that you make in all Lives. Keep doing the amazing job. Talk to you soon!

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