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I started this program with Poornima in October 3rd week and today it’s been 1& 1/2 months in this program and I am almost 9 kgs lighter. Also inch loss of roughly 3cm from the waist & abdomen and 2 cm from the chest. It is not at all difficult to follow this program.  You actually eat and release weight. My whole mindset changed after starting this program.  I don’t stress on petty things. Poornima’s meditation routine has helped me a lot which I think is the key to releasing weight. There are so many things that Poornima advised me to do that has become a routine now and helped me in many ways. 

The best thing is how quickly she responds to all my queries. You are never alone in your journey with Poornima. She understands all your problems which you discuss with her and advises a solution to them. I have done a weight loss program before this and have lost a considerable amount of weight too but it was not sustainable, I gained weight easily because it didn’t take care of my hormonal issues. Here Poornima is concentrating on all those issues. She helps me relax and not stress about things and encourages me to do well. 

Before starting the program when I first spoke to Poornima, she beautifully explained the program and I so wanted to go ahead but I was reluctant to join only like anybody else after knowing the cost of the program. But then I thought to myself every issue is linked to the hormonal imbalance and nobody ever spoke to me about that. Everyone just talks about losing weight and Poornima actually spoke about helping me resolve those hormonal issues which is the main reason for not losing weight. Instead of putting  money on medication or treatment for all the health problems which could have accompanied because  of the hormonal imbalance or weight at a later stage in life I thought of investing in getting  a healthy life and fitter self 

I am so glad I joined this program and don’t regret it at all. I can’t thank Poornima enough.

Hormone Balance