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It’s been an immense pleasure to have joined Poornima Vamsi in her program. I have enrolled in the 180 days program and it’s been 60 days that I have been following the process.

I was suffering from my weight for the last 13 years and have tried many things which at times worked but bounced me back. However, this time it truly worked. I have released 14kgs, it’s a lovely feeling. You get back your confidence that you can do it.

The meditation alongside helps us to not only make ourselves healthy and beautiful from the outside but also from the inside. It’s a full package. A combination of diet, exercise, and meditation, a full medication without medicines. An easily available diet which mostly involves our ‘STAPLE FOOD’ with easily doable exercises – NO BURNOUT!

I am diabetic and my sugars have also been regulated. That’s like additional happiness.

Poornima is a wonderful guide, mentor, and motivator, it’s been a pleasure. She is always there and very understanding.

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