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Female Metabolism Facts: Top 5 Things You Never Knew

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Energetic Realignment of Hormones

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Very few women know that our metabolism and hormonal health are highly dependent on the nourishment we derive from our biological food patterns. Even if the foods you grew up eating have been rejected by the current crash diet fad, don’t fall for it. It might seem like consuming nothing but raw leaves will help you lose weight quickly, but it’s far from the truth. It’s one of the biggest female metabolism facts!

I, along with several other women are living proof that it’s possible to lose weight and reverse negative hormonal conditions like thyroid, PCOD, PCOS, and postpartum depression without depriving yourself of the happiness that comes with a full meal based on traditional and cultural foods. 

So, without any further ado, we’ll take a quick glance at some female metabolism facts: top 5 things you never knew.

  • Fat Is Not The Enemy

female metabolism facts

Just because it looks a little oily doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy! There are good fats and there are fats you should consume only n limited quantities. For instance, flax seeds will give you a nice boost of omega 3. But you should go easy on trans fats. Almonds and cashews have fats. Does that mean they’re bad for our health? Absolutely not!

  • Individuality Over One-Size Fits All

female metabolism facts

Every individual’s body responds to diets in a different way. The only way to find out how it affects you is a tailor-made approach to releasing extra weight. Remember, you and only you are the master of your own journey, just like I was on mine. And guess what? I ended up losing 15 kgs and just a matter of days without starving myself when I realized this truth and implemented it. 

  • Hormones and Energies Play a HUGE Role

female metabolism facts

Forget the 30% workout and 70% diet rule. This calculation ignores hormones, energetic alignment, and individual metabolism which happen to be some of the major pillars of your dream health! 

Summing It Up

If you have put on a little extra weight, I’m sure you’re tired of hearing these two things:

  1. You eat too much
  2. You don’t exercise enough

At one point, it starts to mess with your head and you actually start believing it. So, here’s a quick weight loss hack for you that will change your life. NEVER EVER completely give up on the foods you traditionally grew up eating! I can’t stress this enough, retaining them works with your biology and puts your body in a mode where it’s constantly burning fat instead of storing it. 

The best part is that me and my DREAM HEALTH tribe were able to retain a healthy weight instead of crashing back to the old patterns. So, let’s find out your specific needs and goals, and I’ll tell you how you can achieve your DREAM HEALTH like hundreds of other women did when they embarked upon their own individual journeys with a customized approach toward their health. 

Book a FREE 30- minute strategy session with me and gain more clarity than ever! Trust me, it’s going to be 100% worth it. You have nothing to lose! 


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