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How To Lose Weight Fast: No Crash Diets, No Crazy Exercises

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Energetic Realignment of Hormones

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Just like you, plenty of other women are busy searching how to lose weight fast. They have tried EVERYTHING but one of two things have happened. Either they’re unable to lose weight at all, or they do but aren’t able to retain it. If you have been one of those women frantically searching for how to lose weight fast, your search ends today, just like mine did. Look at this.

I’m gonna tell you something about weight loss that LITERALLY no one ever did before. Don’t worry, I’m not here to sell you a pill or something. I’m also not gonna tell you to follow a strict diet. No gym necessary too. Trust me, I’ve done all the weight loss mistakes and I REALLY REALLY don’t want you to do it. Making those mistakes delayed my progress. It will delay yours too if you keep making them.

So, first, stop listening to all the cliched advice out there. The day I stopped following fad diets and lunatic workouts, I started making real progress. In fact, I FREAKING REVERSED THYROID. Look at the transformation!

The ONLY WAY to lose weight quickly without any supplements and without compromising on your favorite foods is to INCREASE YOUR RESTING METABOLISM. That’s it. As simple as that.

It means that even when you’re resting, you will burn more calories than people running on a treadmill do.

Understand the target now?

Got it!

Now HOW do you do it?

Well, I dropped 9 Kgs in less than a month by increasing my resting metabolism and sticking to the SUPER EASY process. And you know what happened after that? I dropped a total of 15 Kgs in JUST 87 days! Reversed my depression, anxiety, postpartum depression and ankylosing spondylitis too!


  1. Full Hormone Reset
  2. Energetic Realignment

If you’re reading this today, save yourself the time and money because NO and I repeat NOOOO freaking diet or workout will ever help you the way these 2 practices can. I can vouch for it 100%.

See for yourself.

Me at the age of 32:

Me at the age of 38:


Hormone Reset

Very few people know about this, but ghrelin, the appetite control hormone, plays a huge role in your overall body weight. Another rarely talked about cause is the amount of willpower needed to lose extra fat. The human brain is not wired in a way that can rely on an endless pool of willpower, which is exactly why exercising and following a diet isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.


Overcoming roadblocks such as cognitive distortion and unresolved trauma have to be your top priority.

You Can Even Add Another Meal And Release The Extra Weight With 40% More Likelihood

THIS IS NOT JUST A RANDOM NUMBER!!! It comes from a LOTTT of research and implementation on my own body.

And all this while you were thinking about what to quit, right? As weight loss enthusiasts, we tend to focus way too much on the types of food to avoid that we fail to grasp additional food items that can actually accelerate our weight loss process!

Did you know that eating foods with high fiber content can make you more likely to achieve your dream health faster? You can even add two fiber-rich meals to further boost your metabolism. The best part is that you don’t need to work out extra while on this additional meal.

Even if you have somehow managed to tap into your willpower enough to exercise regularly, your hormones can turn out to be your biggest enemy if you don’t reset them for physical, mental, and emotional progress.

So, the next time you feel guilty for grabbing that delicious pie, make it a resolve to add grapefruit and berries to your diet. Is it hard? No. Is it as hard as giving up everything your taste buds thank you for? Heck no!

Ditching Your Cultural Recipes Can Do More Bad Than Good

If you’re tired of this obsession with raw and tasteless veggies, even if they have a little bit of a fancy salad dressing on them, raise your hand! I have been in the same boat as you. Trust me, when I say this, I wholeheartedly believe that no amount of balsamic dressing can replace your mother’s and grandmother’s traditional spice recipe.

For instance, if you have grown up consuming foods rich in spices and herbs, it’s pointless to ditch everything for nothing but a bowl of greens. So, even if the entire weight loss industry tells you to incorporate foods such as beans, cabbage, beets, cauliflower, broccoli, and so on, always remember that there’s no rule saying you have to eat them raw.

As long as you’re not destroying its nutritional value, there’s no harm in experimenting with the recipes. In my household, we prefer curry versions of healthy vegetables or saute them with delicious herbs and spices.

Energetic Alignment

Another step that goes hand in hand for balancing your hormones is a full-fledged energetic realignment. It’s a spiritual aspect based on science for releasing extra weight and achieving your dream health that people rarely talk about.

Now before your skepticism kicks in, let me tell you one thing. This is not a ‘sitting in the Himalayas and giving up all worldly pleasures’ kind of spirituality.

Just like your heart needs to clear out blockages in the arteries to maintain its health, your soul needs to release energy blocks.

It might not happen right now at the snap of your fingers, but it’s only a matter of days you can completely reset your hormones and align your energies with:

  • Transformational mutation
  • Energetic activation
  • Brain drain
  • ​Radical self love
  • ​Energetic Shadow

Again, it might sound alien, but mastering these only takes DAYS! Not years, DAYS!

In case you need more clarity, I’m more than happy to talk to you one on one and help you out.

I know the pain of seeing those body rolls and feeling helpless. I know how the lack of energy can interfere with all the fun you wanna have in your life.

Weight loss is not just about looking a certain way, people. It’s a lifestyle that you get to have when you live the healthiest version of yourself. The ‘how to lose weight fast’ will automatically align itself to you. After implementing it on myself and helping hundreds of other women achieve the same goal, consider it my mission in life to help you get that lifestyle.

I’m happy to enlighten you for FREE here in a fully customized one-on-one short clarity session. Click the link and book the call with me. Here’s what’s gonna happen. I’ll hear out your specific concerns and tell you how a step-by-step and an easy to follow unique method can help you achieve your DREAM HEALTH.

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