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How To NOT Over Exercise: Biggest Weight Loss Myth Busted

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Over-exercising and exerting yourself can be damaging for the body and can put a halt to your workouts. If you love doing a certain exercise or you are exerting yourself while playing the sports of your choice, you need to have a balance. Exerting yourself in playing certain sports or working out can get in the way of your other responsibilities like work and family time. Plus, overexercising will let you lose weight is a big weight loss myth!

After a certain time, you start noticing a dip in your workout effectiveness, and if you work out for certain hours you start to notice you start to get injured in terms of getting bruises on muscles or getting unnecessary cramps. And it can be frustrating to not be able to work out like you used to or you would want to. In situations like these, you need to keep in mind that “Less is More” especially when deciding how often you should workout. 



Here are a few tips you can incorporate:

Slow Down:

After a certain point, you will stop seeing the results you will be hoping to see, and to achieve those results you might end up over-exercising without even realizing it. For example, you cannot drive a car at 100 MPH every day, seven days a week sooner or later some mechanical issues will appear. 

So, if you want to achieve your goal without overexerting and exerting yourself you need to give yourself and your body a break and make sure you take appropriate rest. 

Balance is the Key:

It can be difficult to find the right balance when you have to keep the intensity of the workout, the duration, and the frequency intact. Fitness is a moving target where you are not fully content that you have finally achieved your goal, it’s a life-long journey. 

For finding the right balance you need to be clear with your goals and what do you want to achieve otherwise it’s a never-ending loop and you will always find yourself over-exerting in the process, having a goal in mind can make it easier for you to find the right balance.


Be smart and be motivated:

It can be difficult to stay motivated when the dips occur in your performance level or some injury flares up, in moments like these you need to shift your mindset to “REST DAYS” which can help you to achieve positive results manifest your fitness goals. 

If you want to maximize your potential you need to rest and give your body the time to recover, otherwise, you will face serious fatigue issues which can affect your daily life. 

Stay Active:

Resting does not mean that you have to completely be in bed all day, you can go out for a slow walk and even if you are not working out try to stay active by not sitting on a couch for more than an hour. 

It’s just on the rest day you are not exerting yourself and not over-exceeding and not seeing your heart hit 180 bpm, the rest is important to get yourself ready for the more effective workout the next day.

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