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Millions of people around the world are living with diabetes. It is one of the most common chronic diseases, and it can lead to several health complications if not managed well.

Many people believe that diabetes is a life sentence. And that all you can do is eat healthily and stay on medication.

However, there’s hope. Diabetes is reversible today, especially if you catch it early.

Whether you’re prediabetic or living with it for a while, you can heal your body and reverse diabetes. Bringing your hormones into balance is the key to making change.

Let’s take a closer look at diabetes, what causes it, and how we can manage it effectively with the help of our coaching services.

About Diabetes

Diabetes is known as a lifelong condition that affects how your body processes food.

It’s a disease where your blood sugar or blood glucose is too high. Blood glucose comes from the food you eat and a critical hormone, insulin, helps food or energy enter your cells.

When your body doesn’t use insulin well, glucose stays in your blood, and when this happens for a long time, it can lead to many health issues.

There are different types of diabetes:

  • This is when your body does not produce insulin. The cells in your pancreas that make Type 1: Insulin is attacked and destroyed by the immune system. Type 1 diabetes is usually identified in children and young adults.
  • Type 2: This is when your body does not produce enough insulin or the cells in your body are resistant to insulin. This type of diabetes usually happens later in life and is more common in adults.
  • Gestational diabetes: This is a type of diabetes that develops only during pregnancy and usually goes away after the baby is born.

Today, Type 2 diabetes is more common than the other types. This phenomenon reflects the increase in obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

What causes diabetes

Many factors contribute to diabetes, including genetic factors, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and environmental factors. The good news is that there are many strategies you can use to manage your diabetes and improve your overall health.

  • Genetics: If someone in your family has diabetes, you are more likely to develop the condition yourself.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle habits: Eating a poor diet, being inactive, and smoking can increase your risk of developing diabetes.
  • Environmental factors: Exposure to pollutants and chemicals can also increase your risk of developing diabetes.

However, a significant reason why people get diabetes today is that highly processed food is a staple in the Western diet.

Processed food is high in sugar, unhealthy fats, and chemicals. It’s also low in fiber and nutrients. This combination can lead to weight gain, insulin resistance, and eventually diabetes.

Overcoming diabetes permanently

Our understanding of diabetes and how to deal with it has come a long way. You don’t have to accept it as a permanent life sentence.

There are two main ways to get rid of diabetes for good:

  • Through healthy lifestyle changes, including eliminating processed food that isn’t part of your native diet
  • Exercise and movement
  • Weight loss

While the method seems simple, it can be challenging to make these changes independently. That’s where a hormone balance coach comes in, aka, me.

Yo-yo dieting, fads, and other reasons why you struggle

The problem with most approaches to weight loss and diabetes is that they are not sustainable in the long term.

They often involve restrictive diets, extreme exercise regimens, or unsustainable lifestyle changes.

This is why so many people gain back the weight they lost, and frequently even more.

As a result, you might feel frustrated, helpless, and hopeless about your situation. And not only that, when you swing back and forth, struggling with weight, you end up with a low self-image and feel like there’s no end in sight.

But this ends here. And your new journey begins with me, Poornima, here to take you by the hand and lead you to better health and permanent life changes.

Overcome diabetes for good with our coaching services

I’m not a stranger to your journey. Many years ago, I weighed 90 kgs and was constantly tired and miserable. I was diagnosed with thyroidism and other hormonal imbalances.

I struggled personally, and my poor health impacted my family. I was always on some ‘diet’ and would lose weight, only to gain it all back plus more.

So I understand what you’re going through on a very personal level.

However, I experienced a profound transformational shift beyond going on a diet and hitting the gym. I changed from within and found a new mindset that led to profound physical and mental changes.

Today, I have released (not lost) 40 kgs and have reversed my thyroid issues. The heart of releasing diabetes and other hormonal problems is to create hormonal balance.

And I’m here to give you my best advice, support, and services to change your own life. Here’s what you get when you work with me:

  • Live video calls and webinars: Join my program, and I’ll teach you how to concentrate your energy on getting peace, health, and happiness while seeing your health goals become a reality.
  • Personalized support and motivation: It’s all about you. I understand how easy it is to lose belief in yourself and want to give up. My staff and I will pay attention and personalize our support to help you meet your goal.
  • Community support on Facebook: Never feel alone in your journey again. There are so many people just like you. Be part of a community, ask questions, get support, and share your feelings. 
  • Email content: Get insightful content through email covering everything from overcoming sugar cravings to getting new recipes. 
  • Coaching calls: Need one-on-one support? You got it.
  • Motivational personal stories: Hear real-life experiences from other participants just like you. I’ll also share my losses and wins to keep you going. 
  • Detox programs: Through our detox programs, you may help your health and reduce concerns like high blood sugar, cortisol imbalances, low thyroid function, and much more
  • Self-paced video content: If you’re in a different timezone, you can still watch our videos. Watch our session recordings and other content to stay updated. 
  • Long-term and realistic eating tips: Your diet influences how you feel. But you never have to eat things you don’t love or don’t make sense to you. You’ll learn to eat what’s natural to you and eat a lot too and still lose weight!

These aren’t just made-up tips and tricks. Our services are based on experience and knowledge from working with several women. We provide real, practical solutions to help you overcome diabetes and create lasting change.

Book a call to be part of our upcoming program session

It’s time to make a change in your life. And it’s time to invest in your health by making permanent changes to how you feel, think, and approach food and your health.

Book a discovery call with us if you’re ready to finally see results and be part of a community that supports you.

It’ll allow you to ask questions and learn more about me. And I’ll understand more about you and what you’re looking to achieve.

We have a limited number of spots for every program, and they’re fast filling. So, don’t wait. Have a commitment-free call and start your journey to happiness and health today!

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