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Losing weight and getting fitter had been on my mind for a long time. Every time i looked at someone slimmer than me carrying those beautiful dresses with confidence, it pinched me deep in the heart. I knew I had to get fit because there is nothing more precious than a healthy body and a strong heart. For a long time i tried different diets, i made small changes to my lifestyle but consistency was a challenge. With busy work schedules and a toddler at home, giving into temptation and losing focus can be easy. And it was happening with me much too often.

That’s when i came across this post from my school friend Poornima on hormone balance. What caught my attention was the confidence with which Poori (as i affectionately call her from school days) said that i could get my dream body in 90 days flat! it got me curious. The best part about Poornima is that once you have shared your health goals with her, she takes complete ownership of it as if it were her own. Her persistence, regular follow ups, warmth and constant motivation and hand holding is what makes the journey fun and an easy one.  Making Poori my health coach has been one of the best decisions of my life. While I have only 1.5 months more with her on this journey, I think there is a permanent mindset change that she has triggered which will remain a treasure for lifetime.

Hormone Balance