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How to Balance Hormones Energetically

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Are you suffering from a disease related to hormone imbalances like thyroid issues, diabetes, or PCOD/PCOS? Or you may just be struggling with weight loss.

And you’ve likely tried several diets, exercising, and medical treatments to manage these diseases and feel healthy again.

But you can’t seem to find lasting success. And so, you’re looking for a different approach to curing these ‘incurable’ problems.

There’s a more profound and more powerful way to health. It creates hormonal balance within your body.

If you’re ready to learn how to manage weight loss (and release weight instead), and how to balance hormones – including managing insulin resistance, thyroid issues, estrogen production, and other issues relating to hormone balance; keep reading.

The Missing Key on How to Reset Hormones – Energetic Transformation

Several factors go into balancing your hormone levels. We won’t just focus on physiological factors – we’ll also consider your energetic state.

Before that, let’s discuss other critical ways to overcome hormonal imbalances.

Diet – the Good and the Bad

Most people intuitively and intellectually know that diet plays a key role in handling hormonal imbalance caused by insulin resistance and other issues.

However, the problem arises when figuring out the ‘right’ diet.

If you’ve done any research at all, then you’ve heard of different types of advice, including:

  • Counting calories to lose weight
  • Eliminating carbohydrates entirely
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Hormone reset diet
  • Keto diet and so on.

The truth is that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to diet. The approach that works for one person may not work for another.

There are so many reasons for this, such as your unique metabolism, how you sleep, your stress levels, and more.

The Good

Diet indeed plays a huge role in balancing your hormones.

Eating whole foods, avoiding processed food and sugar, and eating the right food at the right time are essential to getting good health.

And you should follow normal advice, diagnosis, or treatment where health professionals ask you to fuel up with healthy fats and other foods.

You’ll improve your symptoms when you eat good food, drink green tea, have loads of water, reduce alcohol, and carry out similar good habits.

You’ll also release belly fat and feel healthy by watching your intake.

The Bad

However, most diets are restrictive, and you’re often forced to eat foods that aren’t natural to your native diet.

How many times have you heard that you should stop eating grains or cut out dairy? But if these are foods that are part of your culture and heritage? What should you do then?

If you restrict what you eat and how much you eat, you slow down your metabolism, leading to overeating after spending weeks and months controlling yourself. Especially when it feels unintuitive and you lack support from the people around you who want to continue eating ‘normal’ foods.

The food you eat matters but focusing on diet and not the other vital factors means you won’t get lasting success in your journey to health.


Did you know that your stress levels play a significant role in weight gain and managing your hormones?

Whenever you feel stress, your body releases the stress hormone called cortisol. And when it stays in your body for a long time, it can wreak havoc.

Cortisol is a ‘fat-storage hormone’. This means that it’s much harder to lose weight when you have high cortisol levels in your body.

And if you’re already struggling with insulin resistance or other hormonal imbalances, then high cortisol levels make it even harder to find relief.

You’ll end up eating more sugar, unhealthy fats, and salty high-calorie foods to believe the tension you feel.

Handling your anxiety and tension is a critical step to being healthy. And one of my best methods of dealing with stress is through a Journey of Consciousness. Something I help my clients with through personal interactions and support.


Getting enough sleep is a rarity for most people these days. We’re inundated with attention-grabbing devices, deadlines at work, and social obligations. Our ability to sleep is disrupted by constant noise, city lights, and blue light from electronics.

All of this means that we’re sleep-deprived, and our bodies are constantly in a state of stress.

And when you don’t get enough sleep, your body produces more cortisol – the ‘fat-storage hormone’ we discussed earlier.

Not getting enough sleep dramatically contributes to weight gain and hormonal imbalances. Not to mention, you feel an imbalance in other ways – your energy levels, your ability to interact with loved ones, or the ability to focus at work.


Regular exercise is key to good health. But most people punish their bodies instead of moving their bodies in a way that feels good.

The goal of exercise should be to feel good, have more energy, and get rid of stress. But most people see it as a way to ‘burn calories’ and lose weight.

This often leads to them pushing their bodies too hard, not listening to their body’s signals, and eventually, they get injured or burnt out.

The key is finding an exercise routine that you enjoy and doesn’t feel like a punishment. This could be anything from walking in nature to going for a swim to playing tennis.

Resetting hormones is just about spending hours at the gym; it’s about feeling free as you move and enjoying life through motion.

Mental and Personal Issues

Cognitive Distortions sign on the head shape as symbol of mind.

There’s another underestimated reason that your hormones are off-balance, and you deal with weight issues and the diseases that come from these things – your mental health.

Training and medical advice often focus only on the body and practical things. When you work with a nutritionist, a dietician, or a trainer, you might get a hormone reset diet for weight loss. And you’ll get plenty of advice to avoid processed foods. And finally, you’ll learn how to do crunches to eliminate belly fat.

But there’s rarely an effort to deal with mental health and wellness.

However, there are personal experiences that create an impact on your health like:

  • Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Cognitive distortion
  • Body image issues
  • Depression
  • And stress

These issues that seem to exist ‘only’ in the mind really affect our health. Weight loss, blood sugar problems, your appetite, resistance to cravings, and so on cannot escape the effect of your state of mind.

If you want long-term results, such as keeping your thyroid hormone in check or balancing your estrogen levels, you have to be in a good frame of mind.

You can use journaling, meditation, visualization, and other methods to create mental health. And of course, get on coaching calls with qualified, energetic hormone balance coaches like me.

How To Balance Hormones Using Your Energy

You first need to understand that your body is made up of energy. You are not just a physical being, but an energetic one too.

When our body’s energies are misaligned, we indulge in unhealthy habits, become blocked, and find it nearly impossible to make the changes we know we should.

Whether you try to exercise more or do a hormone reset diet, it doesn’t seem to matter – you gain all your weight back, impact your health, and continue to struggle to control your hormonal issues.

When you have deep-seated energetic blocks, no amount of superficial advice, diagnosis, or treatment is going to help.

You need to work with a coach and get support from a community of people to do the work. So that you can bring your blood sugar, hormone levels, and other issues in your system back to normal.

And this is where I come in.

87 Days to Weight Release (not JUST Weight Loss), Balancing Hormones, and Regaining Health

It’s very likely that you’ve already heard a lot of the advice shared in this post.

And intuitively, you know that eating the right food, losing weight, avoiding sugar and unhealthy fats, and exercising are all key ways to restore health.

However, you may have found that such advice doesn’t work for you. Or you feel like they aren’t long-term solutions.

You can’t seem to manage weight loss, much less your hormone levels. How do you bring your estrogen levels, thyroid, blood sugar levels, and so on into balance?

The missing key is managing your energetic knots.

You’re likely experiencing severe emotional knots & blocks in your physical body due to life events, unavoidable stress, unhelpful beliefs, fear, and other issues.

And you’ll keep going through cycles of yo-yo eating, short-term dieting, and other steps where you force yourself to work without seeing results.

There are some helpful ways to release your energetic blocks. You need to:

  • Understand the root cause of your emotional knot: take some time to reflect on recent events in your life. Has there been a significant life event? How is your relationship with near and dear ones? What stress are you taking from your workplace? Is there anything else that triggers you easily? As you reflect on these, you will be guided to the place where you know it all started!
  • Journal on the reflections; write everything down that comes through your reflection. Few questions that you might ask yourself to provoke further –
  • What does this trigger mean to me?
  • How much have I allowed it to affect my thinking?
  • What if I can let it go through this journaling?
  • Am I still holding it deeply?
  • Consciously shift your state of being; As you journal your thoughts, emotions, and feelings – bring conscious awareness of your state of being to observe how you feel. If this place feels good, you might want to practice it as your ‘normal state of being.’ It will take effort, but it is not impossible.

If you are looking for a channelized approach to overcoming insulin resistance, hormonal issues, and personal stress.

Reach out to me to book a discovery call and join my coaching group for women like you. And you will make a reality THE BURNING DESIRE TO ACHIEVE DREAM HEALTH.

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